US Open Data Usage: 

Interactive Database on U.S. Companies' Usage of Open Government Data

The GovLab maintains The Open Data 500, "the first comprehensive study of U.S. companies that use open government data to generate new business and develop new products and services". In line with the spirit of their research, all the data is released freely.

When we hear free, public and open data, here at Silk we start to get excited, and so we decided to import this dataset into Silk, creating an interactive, searchable and easy-to-visualize DB of US companies' open government data usage. Use this resource to investigate how private and public firms engage with open government data: from their market categories, to the type of projects; from the topic of the datasets they use, to the government agencies and sub agencies that compiled them...and much more!

How to Use This Silk: Browse the charts and maps below. Click "Explore" anywhere on the site to go into visualization and filtering mode. Search for individual pages or entities in the top search box. 

East Coast beats West: Mapping the 500 companies in the dataset

Year Founded
US Agency
Type of Use
Dataset used
Mapping Location
3 Round Stones, Inc.Our Open Source platform is used by the Fortune2000 and US Government Agencies to collect, publish and reuse data, both public and proprietary.2010Use Case n. 151Use Case n. 150Use Case n. 434Environmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection AgencyMultiple federal data sourcesGeneralGeneralGeneralData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyFacilities Registry ServiceToxic ReleaseWashington DC, District of Columbia, United States
5PSolutions5PSolutions are artisans of mobile platforms.2007Use Case n. 187Environmental Protection AgencyGeneralData/TechnologyEnvironmental Protection AgencyFairfax, Virginia, United States
(Leg)CyteLegCyte leverages technology to make legislation easier to understand and generates legislative insight and analytics and makes information sharing simple.2006Use Case n. 436Multiple federal data sourcesGeneralGovernanceWashington DC, District of Columbia, United States
Abt AssociatesAbt Associates is a mission-driven, global leader in research and program implementation in the fields of health, social and environmental policy, and international development.1965Use Case n. 490Use Case n. 323Use Case n. 1029Use Case n. 1001Use Case n. 156Use Case n. 155Environmental Protection AgencyDepartment of TransportationDepartment of CommerceDepartment of LaborDepartment of Health and Human ServicesEnvironmental Protection AgencyGeneralPipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety AdministrationU.S. Census BureauEmployee Benefits Security AdministrationCenters for Medicare and Medicaid ServicesGeneralResearch & ConsultingResearch & ConsultingResearch & ConsultingResearch & ConsultingResearch & ConsultingResearch & ConsultingEnvironmental Protection AgencyEnforcement and Compliance History OnlineDepartment of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety AdministrationOffice of Hazardous Materials Dietary Supplement LabelingCensusDepartment of LaborEmployee BenefitsMedicare Nursing Home CompareEnvironmental Protection AgencyIntegrated Risk Information SystemCambridge, Massachusetts, United States
AccelaAccela improves citizen engagement by making it easier to do government business, driving civic innovation and improving transparency, accuracy and accountability.1999Use Case n. 645Multiple city and local data sourcesGeneralGovernanceSan Ramon, California, United States
AccelrysAccelrys enables innovators to organize and share data with the goal of improving productivity and compliance, reducing costs and speeding time from lab to market.2001Use Case n. 166Environmental Protection AgencyGeneralScientific ResearchNational Center for Computational ToxicologySan Diego, California, United States
AccentureAccenture provides management consulting, technology and outsourcing services.1989Use Case n. 477Department of Health and Human ServicesGeneralData/TechnologyAccenture consults to national governments re: public dataPhoenix, Arizona, United States
AccuWeatherAccuWeather describes its mission as helping to save lives, protect property, and helping people to prosper through weather information. 1962Use Case n. 304Department of CommerceNational Weather ServiceEnvironment & WeatherState College, Pennsylvania, United States
AcxiomAcxiom is an enterprise data, analytics and software-as-a-service company, using data to connect people, businesses and their partners.1969Use Case n. 840Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralData/TechnologyLittle Rock, Arkansas, United States
AdaptiveAdaptive helps organizations leverage what they have by providing a knowledge management asset that facilitates reuse, analytics and compliance throughout the organization. 2001Use Case n. 417Multiple federal data sourcesGeneralBusiness & Legal ServicesIrvine, California, United States
Adobe Digital GovernmentAdobe delivers solutions that help government agencies make, manage, mobilize, and measure the information and experiences needed to achieve their missions.2009Use Case n. 845Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralData/TechnologySan Jose, California, United States
AidinAidin helps hospitals discharge their patients to the best available nursing homes, home health agencies, and other post-acute care providers.2011Use Case n. 475Use Case n. 476Department of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesGeneralGeneralHealthcareHealthcareNursing Home CompareHome Health CompareNew York, New York, United States is a technology provider of connected home services, powering well over one million residential and commercial installations.2000Use Case n. 318Department of CommerceNational Weather ServiceLifestyle & ConsumerVirginia, United States
AllianzAllianz Life Insurance Company is a provider of retirement solutions, including fixed and variable annuities and life insurance for individuals.1896Use Case n. 847Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralFinance & InvestmentNew York, New York, United States
Allied Van LinesAs part of Allied's moving services, the company offers customized solutions for local, interstate and international moves.1928Use Case n. 338Department of CommerceU.S. Census BureauTransportationZip CodesWestmont, Illinois, United States
AllState Insurance GroupThe Allstate Corporation is the largest publicly held personal, property and casualty insurer in America.1931Use Case n. 850Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralInsuranceNorthbrook, Illinois, United States
AlltuitionAlltuition enables high school students and their families to manage the financial aid process from start to finish.2009Use Case n. 452Department of EducationGeneralEducationChicago, Illinois, United States
AltovaAltova is a software company specializing in tools to assist developers with data management, software and application development, and data integration. 1992Use Case n. 55Securities and Exchange CommissionGeneralData/TechnologyBeverly, Massachusetts, United States
Amazon Web ServicesAmazon provides cloud computing services through Amazon Web Services to a range of clients.2007Use Case n. 928Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralData/TechnologySeattle, Washington, United States
American Red Ball MoversRed Ball is a long distance and corporate relocation moving company that serves families and businesses.1919Use Case n. 339Department of CommerceU.S. Census BureauTransportationZip CodesIndianapolis, Indiana, United States
Amida Technology SolutionsAmida develops patient-centered solutions based on the Blue Button personal health record (PHR), the most popular PHR in the country.2013Use Case n. 474Department of Health and Human ServicesGeneralHealthcareBlue ButtonWashington DC, District of Columbia, United States
AnalyticaAnalytica assists public sector organizations to identify, leverage, analyze and manage information. 2007Use Case n. 745Use Case n. 746District of ColumbiaDistrict of ColumbiaGeneralGeneralData/TechnologyData/TechnologyCrimeCrimeWashington DC, District of Columbia, United States
Apextech LLCApextech LLC, a commercial and government consulting firm, offers clients and partners innovative solutions to heighten business performance.2003Use Case n. 91Use Case n. 9Use Case n. 10Use Case n. 92Department of DefenseAgency for International DevelopmentAgency for International DevelopmentDepartment of DefenseGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyAccountingBudgetGrantsGrantsFinance DataAccountingBudgetArlington, Virginia, United States
AppalliciousThe Appallicious Mobile Commerce Platform is a leading technology for government and business to go mobile.2010Use Case n. 789Use Case n. 790Use Case n. 324San Francisco CityDepartment of CommerceSan Francisco CityGeneralU.S. Census BureauGeneralData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyHealthCensusParks & RecreationSan Francisco, California, United States
Archimedes Inc.Archimedes creates models using evidence from clinical trials, epidemiological studies, and other sources to show healthcare decision makers how different options affect outcomes and costs.2006Use Case n. 573Use Case n. 571Use Case n. 570Use Case n. 572Department of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesCenters for Disease Control and PreventionCenters for Disease Control and PreventionCenters for Disease Control and PreventionCenters for Disease Control and PreventionHealthcareHealthcareHealthcareHealthcareNational Ambulatory Medical Care SurveyCompressed Mortality FileNational Health and Nutrition Examination SurveyNational Hospital Discharge SurveySan Francisco, California, United States
AreaVibes Inc.AreaVibe works to provide you with everything you need to know about every city in the United States.2009Use Case n. 199Use Case n. 195Use Case n. 316Use Case n. 386Environmental Protection AgencyDepartment of CommerceDepartment of CommerceDepartment of JusticeGeneralNational Weather ServiceU.S. Census BureauFederal Bureau of InvestigationData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyCrimeFBINew York, United States
Arpin Van LinesArpin Van Lines, headquartered in West Warwick, Rhode Island, provides household goods moving and storage services for corporate, government, military, and residential customers.1900Use Case n. 340Department of CommerceU.S. Census BureauTransportationZip CodesWest Warwick, Rhode Island, United States
Arrive LabsArrive Labs builds software solutions for urban transit challenges.2011Use Case n. 647Multiple city and local data sourcesGeneralTransportationSan Francisco, California, United States
ASC PartnersASC helps companies improve their productivity through state-of-the-art technologies involving business process analyses, back office accounting systems, business applications, software integration, and analytical solutions.2010Use Case n. 402Multiple federal data sourcesGeneralBusiness & Legal ServicesBoston, Massachusetts, United States
Asset4Asset4 provides objective, comparable and auditable extra-financial information. 2003Use Case n. 841Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralFinance & InvestmentNew York, New York, United States
Atlas Van LinesAtlas World Group, Inc. is a family of companies delivering transportation and related services globally through a network of quality agents and select service partners.1948Use Case n. 399Use Case n. 945Department of CommerceMultiple government open data sourcesU.S. Census BureauGeneralTransportationTransportationEvansville, Indiana, United States
AtSiteAtSite's open-source technology and innovative building performance solutions help organizations maximize the strategic value and long-term performance of real estate assets1993Use Case n. 986Department of EnergyGeneralResearch & ConsultingDistrict of Columbia, United States
Aunt Bertha, Inc.Aunt Bertha picks up where Uncle Sam leaves off by making it easy to find and apply for government and charitable social service programs.2010Use Case n. 12Use Case n. 687Social Security AdministrationDepartment of the TreasuryGeneralInternal Revenue ServiceGovernanceGovernanceBenefits.govInternal Revenue ServiceSOI Tax StatsExempt Organizations Business Master File ExtractAustin, Texas, United States
Aureus Sciences (*Now part of Elsevier)Aureus Sciences provides databases and information tools for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.2000Use Case n. 555Department of Health and Human ServicesFood and Drug AdministrationScientific ResearchFDAPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
AutoGrid SystemsAutoGrid's Energy Data Platform is accessed through public or private cloud services, ensuring high security and privacy while reducing operational and capital expenses.2011Use Case n. 305Department of CommerceNational Weather ServiceEnergyRedwood Shores, California, United States
AvalaraAvalara produces AvaTax, a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that automatically delivers highly accurate tax decisions in real time.2004Use Case n. 648Use Case n. 767Multiple city and local data sourcesMultiple state data sourcesGeneralGeneralFinance & InvestmentFinance & InvestmentBainbridge Island, Washington, United States
AvvoAvvo empowers consumers by rating lawyers and providing profiles with information including experience, background, disciplinary history, and reviews from clients.2006Use Case n. 842Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralBusiness & Legal ServicesSeattle, Washington, United States
AyasdiAyasdi is an enterprise software platform that changes the way the organizations discover, extract and operationalize insights from complex data.2008Use Case n. 484Department of Health and Human ServicesGeneralData/TechnologyThe Cancer Genome AtlasCalifornia, United States
AzaveaAzavea is a geospatial analysis (GIS) software development firm specializing in creating location-based web and mobile software as well as geospatial analysis services.2000Use Case n. 325Use Case n. 964Use Case n. 198Use Case n. 753Use Case n. 18Use Case n. 1043Use Case n. 255Use Case n. 302Use Case n. 162Use Case n. 1049Use Case n. 342Use Case n. 1057Use Case n. 117Use Case n. 761Department of EnergyFederal Election CommissionDepartment of AgricultureNational Aeronautics and Space AdministrationDepartment of CommerceDepartment of the InteriorDepartment of JusticeDepartment of the InteriorDepartment of the InteriorMultiple state data sourcesDepartment of CommerceDepartment of CommerceEnvironmental Protection AgencyDepartment of CommerceEnergy Information AdministrationGeneralU.S. Forest ServiceGeneralNational Weather ServiceU.S. Geological SurveyFederal Bureau of InvestigationU.S. Geological SurveyU.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceGeneralU.S. Census BureauNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationGeneralU.S. Census BureauGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingEnergy Information AdministrationFederal Election CommissionForest ServiceNational Aeronautics and Space AdministrationNational Weather ServiceGeological SurveyFBINational Elevation DatasetFish and Wildlife ServiceGeographic DataAmerican Community SurveyNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationEnvironmental Protection AgencyCensusPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
BaleFire GlobalBaleFire Global provides training, civic engagement and client success to NGOs and governments around the world.2014Use Case n. 812Use Case n. 813Use Case n. 223Use Case n. 624Use Case n. 1Use Case n. 25Use Case n. 805Use Case n. 419Use Case n. 768Washington StateMultiple state data sourcesMultiple government open data sourcesMultiple city and local data sourcesMultiple federal data sourcesFlorida StateMultiple government open data sourcesRaleigh CityMultiple government open data sourcesGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyCity/Local DataCity/Local DataCity/Local DataCity/Local DataOpenCorporatesCity/Local DataIreland's National Open Data PortalRaleigh, North Calolina, United States is a full-service provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data.1995Use Case n. 108Use Case n. 115Use Case n. 981Department of EnergyDepartment of AgricultureDepartment of AgricultureGeneralAgricultural Marketing ServiceNational Agricultural Statistics ServiceData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyChicago, Illinois, United States
Be InformedBe Informed’s semantic technology and solutions makes business applications completely model-driven, allowing organizations to instantly execute on new strategies and regulations.2006Use Case n. 854Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralData/TechnologyNew York, New York, United States
BekinsBekins offers private and corporate domestic and international household goods relocation services as well as special commodities and logistic services.1936Use Case n. 365Department of CommerceU.S. Census BureauTransportationIndianapolis, Indiana, United States
Berkery Noyes, created by Berkery Noyes, is a simple, powerful information service that provides mergers and acquisitions data via a hosted, graphically enhanced and searchable database.1983Use Case n. 794Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralFinance & InvestmentHealthcareEducationFinance DataTechnologyNew York, New York, United States
Berkshire HathawayBerkshire Hathaway Inc. is a multinational conglomerate holding company that oversees and manages a number of subsidiary companies.1998Use Case n. 53Use Case n. 696Department of the TreasurySecurities and Exchange CommissionGeneralGeneralInsuranceInsuranceOmaha, Nebraska, United States
BetterLessonBetterLesson was founded by a group of public schools teachers to connect educators and help them create, organize, and share their curricula.2008Use Case n. 848Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralEducationCambridge, Massachusetts, United States
BillGuardBillGuard is a personal finance security company harnessing the collective knowledge of millions of consumers to protect Americans from fraud and grey charges.2010Use Case n. 711Consumer Financial Protection BureauGeneralFinance & InvestmentCFPB Credit Card ComplaintNew York, New York, United States
BingBing is a Microsoft decision (search) engine that attempts to understand the context behind the search, which Microsoft claims gives users better results.2009Use Case n. 478Department of Health and Human ServicesGeneralData/TechnologyHHSInstitute of MedicineRedmond, Washington, United States
BizVizzBizVizz gives ordinary people corporate citizenship metrics by allowing them to see shareable tax data, jobs data, and other financial information hidden in regulatory documents.2011Use Case n. 839Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralGovernanceMilwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
BlackRockBlackRock is an asset management firm that works with individuals and institutions from all over the world.1988Use Case n. 54Securities and Exchange CommissionGeneralFinance & InvestmentAtlanta, Georgia, United States
BloombergBloomberg is a global business and financial news information company, providing data, analytics, news and insight1982Use Case n. 843Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralFinance & InvestmentNew York, New York, United States
Booz Allen HamiltonBooz Allen Hamilton provides management consulting, technology, and engineering services.1914Use Case n. 97Use Case n. 131Department of Homeland SecurityDepartment of DefenseGeneralGeneralResearch & ConsultingResearch & ConsultingMcLean, Virginia, United States
Boston Consulting GroupBCG is a global management consulting firm that identifies opportunities and challenges for clients from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.1963Use Case n. 844Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralResearch & ConsultingBoston, Massachusetts, United States
BoundlessWe support our customers with a variety of solutions including commercial open source maintenance, spatial IT infrastructure, and data management and analysis tools.2013Use Case n. 291Department of CommerceNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationGeospatial/MappingNew York, New York, United States
BridgewaterBridgewater Associates, LP is a global investment management firm, and advises certain private investment funds and institutional clients.1975Use Case n. 737Use Case n. 1015Use Case n. 230Department of CommerceDepartment of LaborFederal Reserve BoardBureau of Economic AnalysisBureau of Labor StatisticsGeneralFinance & InvestmentFinance & InvestmentFinance & InvestmentGross domestic productInflationCurrency Exchange RatesWestport, Connecticut, United States
BrightscopeBrightScope is a financial information company that provides data through web-based software to drive better decision-making.2008Use Case n. 40Use Case n. 1004Department of LaborSecurities and Exchange CommissionGeneralGeneralFinance & InvestmentFinance & InvestmentRetirement Plan DataInvestment Advisor DataSan Diego, California, United States
BuildFaxBuildFax collects and organizes the data that helps companies solve critical property-related problems.2008Use Case n. 385Use Case n. 659Multiple city and local data sourcesDepartment of CommerceGeneralU.S. Census BureauBusiness & Legal ServicesBusiness & Legal ServicesNorth Calolina, United States
BuildingeyeBuildingeye takes local government data on building permits in different locations and visualizes this information on its map.2011Use Case n. 649Multiple city and local data sourcesGeneralHousing/Real EstatePalo Alto, California, United States
BuildZoomBuildZoom takes the pain out of remodeling your home.2010Use Case n. 792Use Case n. 791San Francisco CitySan Francisco CityGeneralGeneralHousing/Real EstateHousing/Real EstateContractor LicensePermitsSan Francisco, California, United States
Business and Legal ResourcesBusiness & Legal Resources helps U.S. businesses simplify compliance with state and federal legal requirements.1977Use Case n. 705Use Case n. 1021Department of LaborEqual Employment Opportunity CommissionBureau of Labor StatisticsGeneralBusiness & Legal ServicesBusiness & Legal ServicesBrentwood, Tennessee, United States
Business Monitor InternationalBusiness Monitor provides trusted, independent analysis and forecasts on countries, industries and financial markets.1984Use Case n. 907Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralBusiness & Legal ServicesNew York, New York, United States
Calcbench, Inc.With collaborative and crowd-sourced components, Calcbench allows financial analysts, accountants, lawyers and investors to instantly access, work with and share SEC filing data.2012Use Case n. 39Securities and Exchange CommissionGeneralFinance & InvestmentSecurities and Exchange CommissionNew York, New York, United States
Cambridge Information GroupCambridge Information Group (CIG) is a family owned management and investment firm, primarily focused on education, research and information services companies.1971Use Case n. 680Department of StateGeneralFinance & InvestmentCongressional Research ServiceNew York, New York, United States
Cambridge SemanticsCambridge Semantics provides the Anzo software suite, an open platform for building interactive Unified Information Access solutions and rapidly using data from diverse sources.2007Use Case n. 846Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralData/TechnologyBoston, Massachusetts, United States
CAN CapitalCAN Capital has served small businesses for more than a decade by developing and delivering working capital solutions.1998Use Case n. 363Department of CommerceU.S. Census BureauFinance & InvestmentNew York, New York, United States
CanonCanon pursues the development of innovative technologies, including technology used for managing open data.1937Use Case n. 849Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralData/TechnologyMelville, New York, United States
Capital CubeDeveloped over three years by finance and technology professionals, Capital Cube's platform converts data assets into narrative forms.2010Use Case n. 56Securities and Exchange CommissionGeneralFinance & InvestmentWilliamsville, New York, United States
Capital IQS&P Capital IQ serves global financial clients by providing enterprise solutions and research offerings.1999Use Case n. 44Securities and Exchange CommissionGeneralFinance & InvestmentPublic CompaniesPublic OfferingsFilingsScreening ToolsMacroeconomic dataNew York, New York, United States
CappexCappex offers solutions to colleges and universities that allow them to reach and connect with students.2006Use Case n. 459Department of EducationGeneralEducationChicago, Illinois, United States
CaptricityCaptricity is a tech startup that has launched a completely self-serve data entry web service which extracts structured information, including handwriting, from paper forms.2011Use Case n. 135Use Case n. 686Department of the TreasuryCalifornia StateInternal Revenue ServiceGeneralData/TechnologyData/TechnologyIRS Form 990 Return of Organization Exempt From Income TaxFair Political PracticesBerkeley, California, United States
CARFAXCARFAX, which was started to provide vehicle history information on used cars, now claims the most comprehensive vehicle history database available in North America.1984Use Case n. 757Use Case n. 607Use Case n. 991Multiple city and local data sourcesDepartment of TransportationMultiple state data sourcesGeneralNational Highway Traffic Safety AdministrationGeneralTransportationTransportationTransportationFire DepartmentLaw enforcement agenciesDepartment of Motor VehiclesCentreville, Virginia, United States
CaspioCaspio offers a cloud-based platform that allows users to create forms, publish databases or create business web applications fast and without programming.2000Use Case n. 913Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralData/TechnologySanta Clara, California, United States
Castle BiosciencesCastle Biosciences works with cancer institutions to license proprietary technologies and complete development and validation, making tests available to individuals afflicted with a rare cancer.2008Use Case n. 521Department of Health and Human ServicesNational Institutes of HealthScientific ResearchCancer Genome AtlasFriendswood, Texas, United States
CB InsightsCB Insights helps track the world's most promising private companies, their investors, their acquirers and the industries in which they compete.2009Use Case n. 78Use Case n. 910Multiple government open data sourcesSecurities and Exchange CommissionGeneralGeneralFinance & InvestmentFinance & InvestmentNew York, New York, United States
Ceiba SolutionsCeiba is a products and service company dedicated to unleashing the value of life science and healthcare data while reducing the cost to manage it.2006Use Case n. 522Use Case n. 524Use Case n. 523Department of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesNational Institutes of HealthNational Institutes of HealthNational Institutes of HealthScientific ResearchScientific ResearchScientific ResearchThe PubChem ProjectNational Center for Biotechnology InformationPubMedBoston, Massachusetts, United States
Center for Responsive PoliticsThe Center for Responsive Politics is a research institution tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy.1983Use Case n. 693Use Case n. 756Use Case n. 902Multiple government open data sourcesDepartment of the TreasuryFederal Election CommissionGeneralInternal Revenue ServiceGeneralResearch & ConsultingResearch & ConsultingResearch & ConsultingWashington DC, District of Columbia, United States
CernerCerner's mission is to contribute to the systemic improvement of health care delivery and the health of communities.1979Use Case n. 590Department of Health and Human ServicesGeneralHealthcareNorth Kansas City, Missouri, United States
CertaraCertara provides expertise spanning drug discovery and development – with modeling and analysis that include molecular modeling, prediction of drug-drug interactions, and clinical trial simulation. 2008Use Case n. 591Department of Health and Human ServicesGeneralScientific ResearchSt. Louis, Missouri, United States
CGICGI provides end-to-end IT and business process services that facilitate the ongoing evolution of its clients' businesses.1976Use Case n. 438Use Case n. 678Use Case n. 781Multiple federal data sourcesMultiple state data sourcesMultiple city and local data sourcesGeneralGeneralGeneralBusiness & Legal ServicesBusiness & Legal ServicesBusiness & Legal ServicesNew York, New York, United States
Charles River AssociatesCharles River Associates is a global consulting firm that offers economic, financial, and strategy expertise to major law firms, corporations, accounting firms, and governments.1965Use Case n. 485Use Case n. 389Use Case n. 587Use Case n. 916Department of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesMultiple government open data sourcesDepartment of CommerceCenters for Disease Control and PreventionGeneralGeneralU.S. Census BureauResearch & ConsultingResearch & ConsultingResearch & ConsultingResearch & ConsultingAgency for Healthcare Research and QualityMassachusetts, United States
Charles Schwab Corp.Charles Schwab is an investment services firm that innovates and advocates for individual investors and the financial professionals who serve them.1973Use Case n. 57Use Case n. 697Department of the TreasurySecurities and Exchange CommissionGeneralGeneralFinance & InvestmentFinance & InvestmentSan Francisco, California, United States
Chemical Abstracts ServiceChemical Abstracts Service, a division of the American Chemical Society, finds, collects and organizes all publicly disclosed chemical substance information. 1907Use Case n. 525Use Case n. 526Use Case n. 243Use Case n. 708Department of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of CommerceNational Archives and Records AdministrationNational Institutes of HealthNational Institutes of HealthU.S. Patent and Trademark OfficeOffice of the Federal RegisterScientific ResearchScientific ResearchScientific ResearchScientific ResearchGenBankGenBankColumbus, Ohio, United States
Child Care DeskChild Care Desk is a platform to help parents find child care and help government, non-profits and investors with data for investing in child care.2013Use Case n. 616Use Case n. 617Use Case n. 608Use Case n. 609Use Case n. 610Use Case n. 611Use Case n. 615Use Case n. 612Use Case n. 613Use Case n. 614Multiple city and local data sourcesMultiple city and local data sourcesMultiple city and local data sourcesMultiple city and local data sourcesMultiple city and local data sourcesMultiple city and local data sourcesMultiple city and local data sourcesMultiple city and local data sourcesMultiple city and local data sourcesMultiple city and local data sourcesGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerYelp APIDay Care CentersDay Care CentersDay Care CentersYelp APIGroup Child Care ServicesDay Care CentersOpen311 InquiryYelp APIDay Care CentersNew York, New York, United States
ChubbChubb offers property and casualty insurance.1882Use Case n. 851Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralInsuranceWarren, New Jersey, United States
CitigroupCiti provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial services and products.1812Use Case n. 618Multiple city and local data sourcesGeneralFinance & InvestmentCity/Local DataNew York, New York, United States
CityScanCityScan provides cities and utilities a solution to manage their assets, ensure compliance with local ordinances, improve safety, and increase overall efficiency using mobile 3D-scanning.2011Use Case n. 90Use Case n. 381Use Case n. 702Use Case n. 728Chicago CityNew York CityDepartment of CommercePhiladelphia CityGeneralGeneralU.S. Census BureauGeneralGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingChicago, Illinois, United States
CitySourcedCitySourced is a real time, mobile civic engagement platform that lets residents easily interact with their government.2007Use Case n. 670Multiple city and local data sourcesGeneralGovernanceLos Angeles, California, United States
Civic Impulse LLCCivic Impulse builds tools that foster civic participation, civic education and government transparency, and works with governments on improving government data policy.2009Use Case n. 785Use Case n. 433House of RepresentativesMultiple federal data sourcesGeneralGeneralGovernanceGovernanceBillsWashington DC, District of Columbia, United States
Civic InsightCivic Insight makes official data about buildings easily findable and usable.2012Use Case n. 667Multiple city and local data sourcesGeneralHousing/Real EstateSan Francisco, California, United States
CivinomicsCivinomics is an online platform that provides a platform where people can civically engage on issues that matter to them.2011Use Case n. 326Department of CommerceU.S. Census BureauGovernanceCensusSanta Cruz, California, United States
Civis AnalyticsCivis Analytics helps companies, non-profits, and campaigns leverage their data to develop smarter strategy, make better decisions, and build stronger, data-driven organizations.2013Use Case n. 888Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralData/TechnologyIllinois, United States
Clean Power FinanceClean Power Finance is an unbranded platform that connects the residential solar industry with capital markets.2006Use Case n. 966Use Case n. 969Department of EnergyDepartment of EnergyEnergy Information AdministrationOffice of Scientific and Technical InformationEnergyEnergySan Francisco, California, United States
ClearStory DataClearStory Data makes it easy for business users to find, combine and interactively explore data across first-party and third-party sources.2011Use Case n. 906Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralData/TechnologyPalo Alto, California, United States
Climate CorporationThe Climate Corporation aims to help farmers around the world protect and improve their farming operations with uniquely powerful software and insurance products.2007Use Case n. 1044Use Case n. 249Use Case n. 22Use Case n. 116Use Case n. 303Department of the InteriorNational Aeronautics and Space AdministrationDepartment of AgricultureDepartment of CommerceDepartment of CommerceU.S. Geological SurveyGeneralNatural Resources Conservation ServiceNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationNational Weather ServiceFood & AgricultureFood & AgricultureFood & AgricultureFood & AgricultureFood & AgricultureHigh Resolution Soil DatasetMulti-sensor Radar Derived Daily PrecipitationSan Francisco, California, United States
CliniCastCliniCast builds comprehensive oncology solutions that enables providers to reduce the cost of managing cancer without compromising patient care.2011Use Case n. 488Use Case n. 487Use Case n. 486Use Case n. 549Department of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesGeneralGeneralNational Institutes of HealthGeneralHealthcareHealthcareHealthcareHealthcareCenters for Medicare & Medicaid Services5% datasetMEPSSEERMillbrae, California, United States
CloudmadeCloudMade's platform makes geospatial data from hundreds of different sources accessible for different devices and automotive manufacturers, developers and enterprises.2007Use Case n. 227Use Case n. 270Use Case n. 852Department of CommerceDepartment of CommerceMultiple government open data sourcesGeneralNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationGeneralGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingGPS dataMenlo Park, California, United States
CloudspyreCloudspyre is a software development company and creator of Gender Gap, an award-winning app developed with Department of Labor data on gender inequality in compensation. 2010Use Case n. 1033Department of LaborGeneralLifestyle & ConsumerBristow, Virginia, United States
Code for AmericaCode for America helps residents and governments harness technology to solve problems; a government truly by the people, for the people, in the 21st century.2009Use Case n. 27Use Case n. 89Austin CityChicago CityGeneralGeneralGovernanceGovernanceSan Francisco, California, United States
Code-NCode-N is a cloud computing company that leverages concept-based technology to deliver software solutions to the BioPharma industry.2010Use Case n. 244Department of CommerceU.S. Patent and Trademark OfficeData/TechnologyMenlo Park, California, United States
College AbacusA free service, College Abacus enables users to compare their projected financial aid packages across schools and to identify schools within their budgets.2012Use Case n. 444Use Case n. 440Department of EducationDepartment of EducationFederal Student AidGeneralEducationEducationCohort Default RatesIPEDSSt Petersburg, Florida, United States
College BoardThe College Board seeks to ensure that every student in the US has access to a high-quality education and is prepared to succeed in college.1900Use Case n. 447Use Case n. 451Department of EducationDepartment of EducationInstitute of Education SciencesNational Center for Education StatisticsEducationEducationNew York, New York, United States
Compendia Bioscience Life TechnologiesCompendia Bioscience provides data, products, and solutions to support pharma, diagnostics, and personalized medicine business applications in oncology.2006Use Case n. 515Use Case n. 467Use Case n. 516Use Case n. 517Department of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesNational Institutes of HealthNational Institutes of HealthNational Institutes of HealthGeneralScientific ResearchScientific ResearchScientific ResearchScientific ResearchRefSeqNCI ThesaurusTCGANIHAnn Arbor, Michigan, United States
Compliance and RisksCompliance and Risks guides businesses through the ever-changing and complex maze of compliance ensuring that they know and comply with current regulations.2000Use Case n. 796Use Case n. 797Multiple government open data sourcesMultiple government open data sourcesGeneralGeneralBusiness & Legal ServicesBusiness & Legal ServicesRegulationsLegistlatureRegulationsLegistlatureOregon House, California, United States
Computer Packages IncCPI is a major, established provider of IP systems.1968Use Case n. 246Department of CommerceU.S. Patent and Trademark OfficeData/TechnologyMaryland, United States
ConnectEDUConnectEDU’s technology solutions empower students by informing their academic and career decisions.2002Use Case n. 619Use Case n. 453Multiple city and local data sourcesDepartment of EducationGeneralGeneralEducationEducationEducationBoston, Massachusetts, United States
ConnotateConnotate provides Web data extraction and monitoring to help businesses make smarter decisions, reduce costs and grow revenue.2000Use Case n. 798Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralData/TechnologyCourt DocumentsNew Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
Construction Monitor LLCConstruction Monitor provides timely, detailed and accurate building permit information, using state of the art technologies to continuously improve its work processes.1989Use Case n. 33Use Case n. 361Use Case n. 672Use Case n. 777Utah StateMultiple state data sourcesMultiple city and local data sourcesDepartment of CommerceGeneralGeneralGeneralU.S. Census BureauHousing/Real EstateHousing/Real EstateHousing/Real EstateHousing/Real EstateBuildingsPermitsBuildingsPermitsCedar City, Utah, United States
Consumer ReportsConsumer Reports is an independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to work for consumer empowerment and a fair, just, and safe marketplace for all consumers.1936Use Case n. 589Department of Health and Human ServicesGeneralLifestyle & ConsumerYonkers, New York, United States
CoolClimateCoolClimate provides a complete, highest-resolution, peer-reviewed model of carbon footprints associated with transportation, foods, goods and services for households, businesses, organizations and cities.2007Use Case n. 932Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralEnvironment & WeatherBerkeley, California, United States
Copyright Clearance CenterCopyright Clearance Center (CCC) is a global rights broker for books, journals, blogs, movies and more.1978Use Case n. 416Multiple federal data sourcesGeneralBusiness & Legal ServicesLibrary of CongressUS Copyright OfficeDanvers, Massachusetts, United States
CoreLogicCoreLogic maintains one of the largest and most comprehensive real estate, mortgage-finance and property location databases in the country.2010Use Case n. 933Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralHousing/Real EstateIrvine, California, United States
CostQuestCostQuest provides global knowledge of costs, business functions, network modeling, telecommunications, economics, regulation, and applying the right data to make accurate business decisions.1990Use Case n. 367Department of CommerceU.S. Census BureauBusiness & Legal ServicesCincinnati, Ohio, United States
Credit KarmaCredit Karma gives consumers access to all of their financial information in one location for free.2007Use Case n. 799Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralFinance & InvestmentBankruptciesCourt DocumentsTaxForeclosuresPast due child supportWage garnishmentSan Francisco, California, United States
Credit SesameCredit Sesame is a free tool that provides a free credit score, credit monitoring, and a way to save money on loans and credit.2010Use Case n. 328Use Case n. 327Department of CommerceDepartment of CommerceU.S. Census BureauU.S. Census BureauFinance & InvestmentFinance & InvestmentCensusAmerican Community SurveyCensusMedian IncomeMountain View, California, United States
Dabo HealthDabo is a healthcare company dedicated to saving lives through improving quality of care through metrics.2011Use Case n. 605Department of Health and Human ServicesGeneralHealthcareMenlo Park, California, United States
DataLogixDataLogix manages data including almost every U.S. household and more than $1 trillion in consumer transactions.2002Use Case n. 758Use Case n. 368Multiple state data sourcesDepartment of CommerceGeneralU.S. Census BureauData/TechnologyData/TechnologyDepartment of Motor VehiclesWestminster, Colorado, United States
DataMadeDatamade deploys civic apps, builds custom visualizations, and trains people to work with open data.2012Use Case n. 88Use Case n. 709Chicago CityIllinois StateGeneralGeneralGovernanceGovernanceCrimeBudgetChicago, Illinois, United States
DataMarketDataMarket brings complex and diverse data together so you can search, compare, visualize and share it in one place and one format.2008Use Case n. 710Use Case n. 685MissouriDepartment of the TreasuryGeneralBureau of Engraving and PrintingData/TechnologyData/TechnologyFederal ReserveBank of St. LouisGovernment Printing OfficeBoston, Massachusetts, United States
DatamyneDatamyne provides global import/export data to help take business across borders.1992Use Case n. 124Use Case n. 125Use Case n. 123Department of Homeland SecurityDepartment of Homeland SecurityDepartment of Homeland SecurityGeneralGeneralGeneralBusiness & Legal ServicesBusiness & Legal ServicesBusiness & Legal ServicesCustomsBorder ProtectionCustomsImport-Export Customs StatisticsAutomated Manifest SystemMiami, Florida, United States
DeloitteDeloitte works in four areas — audit, financial advisory, tax and consulting — and combines the talents of those groups to address clients’ needs.1845Use Case n. 855Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralResearch & ConsultingNew York, New York, United States
DemystDataDemystData helps financial institutions tap into "Big Data" to make better credit decisions. The company’s products enable real-time analysis of consumer and small business profiles.2011Use Case n. 853Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralFinance & InvestmentNew York, United States
Department of Better TechnologyWe make great software for government.2013Use Case n. 946Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralGovernanceAtlanta, Georgia, United States
Development SeedDevelopment Seed helps governments, NGOs, and development agencies to solve complex issues with open data and open technologies.2004Use Case n. 827Use Case n. 335Use Case n. 830Use Case n. 828Use Case n. 829Department of CommerceMultiple government open data sourcesMultiple government open data sourcesMultiple government open data sourcesMultiple government open data sourcesU.S. Census BureauGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGovernanceGovernanceGovernanceGovernanceGovernanceCensusUNDPAITI dataWorld BankOpen Street MapWashington DC, District of Columbia, United States
Dow Jones & Co.Dow Jones & Company explains the world and the world of business with authoritative journalism and smart technology.1882Use Case n. 58Use Case n. 698Department of the TreasurySecurities and Exchange CommissionGeneralGeneralFinance & InvestmentFinance & InvestmentNew York, New York, United States
Dun & BradstreetD&B is a global source of business insight, delivered through a commercial database containing information on over 225 million corporate locations in over 190 countries.1841Use Case n. 800Use Case n. 59Securities and Exchange CommissionMultiple government open data sourcesGeneralGeneralBusiness & Legal ServicesBusiness & Legal ServicesShort Hills, New Jersey, United States
Earth NetworksEarth Networks gathers and analyzes atmospheric observations using the world’s largest weather observation and lightning detection networks.1993Use Case n. 296Use Case n. 319Department of CommerceDepartment of CommerceNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationNational Weather ServiceEnvironment & WeatherEnvironment & WeatherMaryland, United States
EarthObserver AppEarthObserver is a mobile application that allows you to explore many other earth and environmental science topics as you travel and explore with your finger.2011Use Case n. 284Use Case n. 1053Department of CommerceDepartment of the InteriorNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationU.S. Geological SurveyGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingNew York, United States
Earthquake Alert!Earthquake Alert! shows earthquakes Magnitude 3.0 and higher from all over the U.S.2013Use Case n. 1048Department of the InteriorU.S. Geological SurveyGeospatial/MappingEarthquakesReston, Virginia, United States
Eat Shop SleepEat Sleep Shop helps consumers search for places to eat, shop & sleep, provides customer reviews and health, safety & labor highlights.2012Use Case n. 1034Department of LaborGeneralLifestyle & ConsumerUnited States
EcodeskEcodesk is a global supply chain sustainability service provider.2006Use Case n. 194Environmental Protection AgencyGeneralBusiness & Legal Services
eInstitutionaleInstitutional generates actionable intelligence from automated reviews of financial documents, where gigabytes of data are simultaneously reviewed to identify market risks and opportunities.2008Use Case n. 217Use Case n. 738Use Case n. 739Use Case n. 45Federal Reserve BoardSecurities and Exchange CommissionFederal Deposit Insurance CorporationFederal Reserve BoardGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralFinance & InvestmentFinance & InvestmentFinance & InvestmentFinance & InvestmentFederal ReserveEconomic DataSecurities and Exchange CommissionFDIC Bank & DataFederal ReserveBanking Information & RegulationRidgefield, Connecticut, United States
EmbarkEmbark makes mass transit simple, providing an accurate, reliable, and interactive transit experience that helps you get where you want to go.2011Use Case n. 621Use Case n. 759Multiple state data sourcesMultiple city and local data sourcesGeneralGeneralTransportationTransportationTransportationTransportationCupertino, California, United States
EMCEMC provides technologies and tools to help businesses design infrastructures to store and protect information so that it can be made accessible and actionable.1979Use Case n. 801Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralData/TechnologyJusticePublic SafetyTransportationPlanningEnvironmentEducationHealthcareHopkinton, Massachusetts, United States
Energy Points, Inc.Energy Points uses a unifying metric, big data and comprehensive analytics to manage enterprise energy resources, such as electricity, fuels, water, and materials.2011Use Case n. 157Use Case n. 1045Environmental Protection AgencyDepartment of the InteriorGeneralU.S. Geological SurveyEnergyEnergyeGRIDWater UseBoston, Massachusetts, United States
Energy Solutions ForumEnergy Solutions Forum provides the energy industry with U.S. energy and environmental policy information to support growth of domestic energy markets.2011Use Case n. 707Use Case n. 984National Archives and Records AdministrationDepartment of EnergyOffice of the Federal RegisterGeneralEnergyEnergyFederal RegisterNew York, New York, United States
Enervee CorporationEnervee is an energy efficiency data and marketing platform, enabling consumers, businesses and governments to purchase the most energy efficient products.2010Use Case n. 189Use Case n. 971Department of EnergyEnvironmental Protection AgencyGeneralGeneralEnergyEnergySanta Monica, California, United States
Enigma.ioBy harmonizing and indexing the world's public data, Engima empowers professionals to discover hidden facts and connections like never before.2011Use Case n. 98Use Case n. 121Use Case n. 133Use Case n. 204Use Case n. 401Use Case n. 454Use Case n. 598Use Case n. 681Use Case n. 700Use Case n. 976Use Case n. 1003Use Case n. 1038Use Case n. 1058Department of StateDepartment of the InteriorDepartment of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of JusticeDepartment of AgricultureDepartment of CommerceDepartment of EducationDepartment of TransportationDepartment of DefenseDepartment of EnergyDepartment of LaborDepartment of the TreasuryDepartment of Homeland SecurityGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologyNew York, New York, United States
EnscoEnsco is a global provider of offshore drilling services to the petroleum industry.1987Use Case n. 883Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralEnergyTexas, United States
Environmental Data ResourcesEnvironmental Data provides customers with the solutions they need to assess, understand and manage environmental risk.1990Use Case n. 622Use Case n. 760Use Case n. 190Multiple state data sourcesMultiple city and local data sourcesEnvironmental Protection AgencyGeneralGeneralGeneralEnvironment & WeatherEnvironment & WeatherEnvironment & WeatherLand useLand useBuildingsPermitsEnvironmentLand useBuildingsPermitsMilford, Connecticut, United States
EpsilonEpsilon works with marketers, using customer intelligence to ignite connections between brands and customers with solutions that integrate rich data, engaging creativity and robust technologies.1969Use Case n. 856Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralData/TechnologyIrving, Texas, United States
Equal Pay for WomenThe Demand Equal Pay for Women app is available on, a job search/career site with analysis of data on gender equality in compensation. 2012Use Case n. 1022Department of LaborBureau of Labor StatisticsBusiness & Legal ServicesMidlothian, Virginia, United States
EquifaxEquifax leverages one of the largest sources of consumer and commercial data, along with advanced analytics and proprietary technology, to create customized insights for business.1899Use Case n. 802Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralFinance & InvestmentEmploymentIncome and identityAtlanta, Georgia, United States
EquilarEquilar is an independent and trusted provider of high-quality executive data, tools, and analysis.2000Use Case n. 81Securities and Exchange CommissionGeneralData/TechnologyRedwood City, California, United States
Ernst & Young LLPErnst & Young provides assurance, tax, transactions and advisory services.1997Use Case n. 857Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralFinance & InvestmentNew York, New York, United States
eScholar LLC.eScholar applies research and data to personalize education, helping agencies to more effectively manage and use data to improve quality and effectiveness of educational programs.1997Use Case n. 944Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralEducationWhite Plains, New York, United States
EsriEsri is the world leader in geographic information systems and has a long history of using open data.1969Use Case n. 250Use Case n. 329Department of CommerceDepartment of CommerceU.S. Census BureauNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingCensusGeographic DataRedlands, California, United States
EstatelyEstately empowers online shoppers in most major US cities with a simple, fast path to finding the home of their dreams.2007Use Case n. 947Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralHousing/Real EstateSeattle, Washington, United States
Everyday HealthEveryday Health provides guidance and tools that people need to make the best health choices, actively manage health conditions and live healthier lives every day.2002Use Case n. 564Department of Health and Human ServicesFood and Drug AdministrationLifestyle & ConsumerNew York, New York, United States
EvideraEvidera provides health economics, outcomes research, market access, data analytics and epidemiology services.2013Use Case n. 592Department of Health and Human ServicesGeneralHealthcareBethesda, Maryland, United States
ExperianExperian provides information, analytical tools and marketing services to organizations and consumers to help manage the risk and reward of commercial and financial decisions.1996Use Case n. 803Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralFinance & InvestmentDepartment of CorrectionsArrest RecordsWarrantsAdministrative Office of the CourtsPatriot Act RecordsSex OffendersLiensJudgmentsBankruptciesUCC filingsCensusCosta Mesa, California, United States
Expert Health Data Programming, Inc.EHDP provides customized desktop and web-based data query systems (Vitalnet) for analyzing large, complex data sets.1997Use Case n. 393Use Case n. 512Use Case n. 588Use Case n. 914Department of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of CommerceDepartment of Health and Human ServicesMultiple government open data sourcesCenters for Disease Control and PreventionU.S. Census BureauCenters for Medicare and Medicaid ServicesGeneralHealthcareHealthcareHealthcareHealthcareBellevue, Washington, United States
ExversionExversion allows you to search 140,000+ datasets, consume through one API or upload your own data, and collaborate, publish, share or version-control with your community.2013Use Case n. 927Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralData/TechnologyNew York, United States
Ez-XBRLEz-XBRL uses innovative technologies to provide solutions for financial research, analytics and regulatory compliance.2009Use Case n. 41Securities and Exchange CommissionGeneralFinance & InvestmentSecurities and Exchange CommissionManassas, Virginia, United States
EZGrantFilingEZGrantFiling provides a secure online environment to store and access vital grant documents and translate data into federal grant administrative reports, effortlessly and instantly.2010Use Case n. 715General Services AdministrationGeneralFinance & InvestmentFederal grant administrative reportsVienna, Virginia, United States
FactsetFactSet consolidates tools to monitor global markets, public and private companies, and equity and fixed income portfolios in a single, intuitive interface.1978Use Case n. 231Use Case n. 369Use Case n. 699Use Case n. 741Use Case n. 1023Department of CommerceDepartment of LaborDepartment of CommerceDepartment of the TreasuryFederal Reserve BoardBureau of Economic AnalysisBureau of Labor StatisticsU.S. Census BureauGeneralGeneralFinance & InvestmentFinance & InvestmentFinance & InvestmentFinance & InvestmentFinance & InvestmentNorwalk, Connecticut, United States
FactualFactual is a data company that helps developers, publishers, and advertisers build more relevant and personalized mobile experiences using the context of location. 2007Use Case n. 374Department of CommerceU.S. Census BureauData/TechnologyLos Angeles, California, United States
FarmersFarmers Insurance Group insures vehicles, homes and small businesses and provide a wide range of other insurance and financial services products.1928Use Case n. 271Department of CommerceNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationInsuranceLos Angeles, California, United States
FarmLogsFarmLogs is a way for farmers to forecast and measure profits, track expenses, manage risk, and get informed all from one place.2011Use Case n. 112Use Case n. 300Department of CommerceDepartment of AgricultureNational Weather ServiceNational Agricultural Statistics ServiceFood & AgricultureFood & AgricultureHourly PrecipitationCropland Data LayerAnn Arbor, Michigan, United States
FastcaseFastcase puts the American law library on desktops by providing online access to millions of cases, statutes, and regulations.1999Use Case n. 36Use Case n. 35Administrative Office of the United States CourtsAdministrative Office of the United States CourtsGeneralGeneralBusiness & Legal ServicesBusiness & Legal ServicesSupreme Court - Term Opinions of the CourtOffice of the Law Revision CouncilWashington DC, District of Columbia, United States
Fidelity InvestmentsFidelity Investments provides a wide range of services, including investment management, retirement planning, brokerage, and human resources and benefits outsourcing services.1946Use Case n. 60Use Case n. 418Securities and Exchange CommissionMultiple federal data sourcesGeneralGeneralFinance & InvestmentFinance & InvestmentBoston, Massachusetts, United States
FindTheBest.comFindTheBest's mission is to collect, structure, and connect the world’s data to lead people to the best conclusions.2010Use Case n. 483Use Case n. 582Use Case n. 957Use Case n. 103Use Case n. 2Use Case n. 4Use Case n. 23Use Case n. 94Use Case n. 107Use Case n. 109Use Case n. 110Use Case n. 114Use Case n. 129Use Case n. 200Use Case n. 219Use Case n. 222Use Case n. 427Use Case n. 510Use Case n. 656Use Case n. 692Use Case n. 706Use Case n. 716Use Case n. 727Use Case n. 755Use Case n. 772Use Case n. 887Use Case n. 968Use Case n. 996Use Case n. 1000Use Case n. 1031Multiple government open data sourcesDepartment of AgricultureDepartment of Homeland SecurityDepartment of Health and Human ServicesConsumer Product Safety CommissionDepartment of EnergyDepartment of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of TransportationDepartment of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of AgricultureDepartment of EnergyNew York CityDepartment of LaborFederal Election CommissionDepartment of AgricultureDepartment of TransportationDepartment of DefenseDepartment of JusticeMultiple state data sourcesDepartment of Housing and Urban DevelopmentEqual Employment Opportunity CommissionNational Aeronautics and Space AdministrationDepartment of AgricultureMultiple federal data sourcesDepartment of AgricultureFederal Deposit Insurance CorporationGeneral Services AdministrationFederal Communications CommissionMultiple city and local data sourcesDepartment of the TreasuryGeneralEconomic Research ServiceFederal Emergency Management AgencyGeneralGeneralGeneralCenters for Disease Control and PreventionFederal Motor Carrier Safety AdministrationCenters for Medicare and Medicaid ServicesGeneralEnergy Information AdministrationGeneralMine Safety and Health AdministrationGeneralFarm Service AgencyFederal Aviation AdministrationArmy Corps of EngineersFederal Bureau of InvestigationGeneralOffice of HousingGeneralGeneralNational Agricultural Statistics ServiceGeneralAgricultural Marketing ServiceGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralInternal Revenue ServiceLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerAgency for Healthcare Research and QualityEnergyRenewable EnergyCenters for Disease Control and PreventionNational Agricultural LibrarySanta Barbara, California, United States
First Fuel SoftwareFirstFuel's analytics platform remotely enables deep building energy savings2009Use Case n. 952Use Case n. 953Use Case n. 306Department of EnergyDepartment of EnergyDepartment of CommerceGeneralGeneralNational Weather ServiceEnergyEnergyEnergyGISBuildingsElectric Vehicle Charging Station LocationsLexington, Massachusetts, United States
FirstPoint, Inc.FirstPoint, Inc. is a national provider of information and operation services, offering Equifax credit solutions, revenue cycle management, decision data and organizational management.1941Use Case n. 432Use Case n. 775Multiple state data sourcesMultiple federal data sourcesGeneralGeneralBusiness & Legal ServicesBusiness & Legal ServicesGreensboro, North Calolina, United States
FitchFitch is a global provider of financial information services.1913Use Case n. 920Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralFinance & InvestmentNew York, United States
FlightAwareFlightAware offers free flight tracking services for both private and commercial air traffic.2005Use Case n. 997Department of TransportationFederal Aviation AdministrationTransportationHouston, Texas, United States
FlightStatsFlightStats provides a set of web services that provide global travel information. 2005Use Case n. 989Use Case n. 993Department of TransportationDepartment of TransportationGeneralFederal Aviation AdministrationTransportationTransportationASDI Data FeedASDI Data FeedPortland, Oregon, United States
FlightViewFlightView provides "flight information you can act on. "1981Use Case n. 307Use Case n. 994Department of CommerceDepartment of TransportationNational Weather ServiceFederal Aviation AdministrationTransportationTransportationNewton, Massachusetts, United States
Food+Tech ConnectFood+Tech Connect is a media and research company building a network for innovators transforming the business of food, through news, analysis and research, and events.2010Use Case n. 120Department of AgricultureGeneralFood & AgricultureNew York, New York, United States
Forrester ResearchForrester is a research and advisory firm serving three client segments by providing proprietary research, consumer and business data, custom consulting, events and online communities.1983Use Case n. 858Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralResearch & ConsultingCambridge, Massachusetts, United States
FoursquareWith Foursquare, consumers check in at local businesses to tell their friends where they like to go and can post tips and photos.2009Use Case n. 272Department of CommerceNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationLifestyle & ConsumerNew York, New York, United States
FujitsuFujitsu works to shape the future of society and business by using the power of ICT to contribute to their clients' success.1935Use Case n. 50Securities and Exchange CommissionGeneralData/TechnologySunnyvale, California, United States
Funding CircleFunding Circle is a small business lending solution that funds business owners with money from investors.2010Use Case n. 623Multiple city and local data sourcesGeneralFinance & InvestmentCourt DocumentsBankruptciesSan Francisco, California, United States
FutureAdvisorFutureAdvisor is an online investment advisor that automatically manages investments and works with existing investments 401(k) plans.2010Use Case n. 61Use Case n. 1035Securities and Exchange CommissionDepartment of LaborGeneralGeneralFinance & InvestmentFinance & InvestmentSan Francisco, California, United States
Fuzion Apps, Inc.Our challenge to the wage gap is Aequitas, a mobile cloud solution, that enables users to take control of their career by making informed decisions.2012Use Case n. 1007Use Case n. 1006Department of LaborDepartment of LaborBureau of Labor StatisticsBureau of Labor StatisticsLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerNationalSugar Land, Texas, United States
GallupGallup delivers forward-thinking research, analytics, and advice to public and private sector organisations.1969Use Case n. 359Department of CommerceU.S. Census BureauResearch & ConsultingDemographicsWashington DC, District of Columbia, United States
Galorath IncorporatedGalorath's SEER tools help remove the risk and uncertainty from projects by providing predictions of their time and cost to develop.1987Use Case n. 926Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralBusiness & Legal ServicesEl Segundo, California, United States
GarminGarmin's products provide geospatial information for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sports uses.1989Use Case n. 273Department of CommerceNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationGeospatial/MappingOlathe, Kansas, United States
GenabilityGenability helps New Energy companies build energy intelligence into how their products work and are sold.2010Use Case n. 961Department of EnergyEnergy Information AdministrationEnergyUtility DataSan Francisco, California, United States
GenoSpaceGenoSpace has developed software systems for securely storing vast amounts of genomic and health data and providing it in formats specific to diverse user communities.2011Use Case n. 479Department of Health and Human ServicesGeneralHealthcareGenome dataCambridge, Massachusetts, United States
GeofeediaGeofeedia is a location-based, open source social media monitoring and mining, complementing traditional keyword centric social monitoring that typically misses significant social activity.2011Use Case n. 285Department of CommerceNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationGeospatial/MappingIllinois, United States
GeolyticsGeoLytics provides demographic data, census demographics, market research data, and geocoding for social researchers and business marketing.1996Use Case n. 392Department of CommerceU.S. Census BureauData/TechnologySomerville, New Jersey, United States
GeoscapeGeoscape provides consumer intelligence via strategic business consulting, database-driven analytics and automated systems.1995Use Case n. 388Use Case n. 1039Department of CommerceDepartment of LaborU.S. Census BureauGeneralLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerMiami, Florida, United States
GetRaisedGetRaised uses government and other data to tell users whether they are being paid fairly and help them construct a raise request.2009Use Case n. 1024Department of LaborBureau of Labor StatisticsFinance & InvestmentNew York, New York, United States
GitHubGitHub is at code host with over 9.8 million repositories and tools are open to the community for public projects and secure for private projects.2008Use Case n. 859Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralData/TechnologySan Francisco, California, United States
Glassy MediaGlassy Media is a production company hatched out of the MIT Media Lab that makes tools to help people connect with information and facilitate transparency.2012Use Case n. 754Federal Election CommissionGeneralGovernanceCambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Golden HelixGolden Helix helps genetic research groups working with large DNA-seq or microarray data overcome the frustration & challenges of bioinformatic roadblocks.1998Use Case n. 547Department of Health and Human ServicesNational Institutes of HealthScientific ResearchBozeman, Montana, United States
GoodGuideGoodGuide provides the world's largest and most reliable source of information on health, environmental, and social impacts of consumer products.2007Use Case n. 180Use Case n. 173Use Case n. 161Use Case n. 186Use Case n. 170Use Case n. 176Use Case n. 182Use Case n. 178Use Case n. 185Use Case n. 184Use Case n. 181Use Case n. 175Use Case n. 172Use Case n. 174Use Case n. 169Use Case n. 171Use Case n. 167Use Case n. 168Use Case n. 183Use Case n. 179Use Case n. 160Use Case n. 177Use Case n. 584Use Case n. 973Use Case n. 1036Environmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection AgencyDepartment of LaborEnvironmental Protection AgencyDepartment of Health and Human ServicesEnvironmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection AgencyDepartment of EnergyEnvironmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection AgencyEnvironmental Protection AgencyGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralCenters for Disease Control and PreventionGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerToxic ReleaseDesign for the EnvironmentGreen Chemistry AwardSafer Detergents Stewardship InitiativeEnergy Star Rated Products ListsDesign for the EnvironmentChemicals Action PlanPersistent/Bioaccumulative and Toxic (PBT) Substance ListEnvironmental Protection Agency100% Green Power PurchasersAll Toxicity Weights for TRI Chemicals and Chemical CategoriesNational Environmental Performance Track CompanyHPV Chemical Hazard Data Availability StudyToxic ReleaseIntegrated Risk Information SystemCarcinogenicity Weight of Evidence CharacterizationsSmartWay CertificationRisk-Screening Environmental IndicatorsEnvironmental Protection AgencyGreen Power Leadership AwardsEnvironmental Protection AgencyPersistent Bioaccumulative Toxic (PBT) Chemicals Final RuleGreen Power PartnerDesign for the EnvironmentConsumer Cleaning ProductsGreen Power Top 50San Francisco, California, United States
Google MapsGoogle Maps is a web mapping service application and technology provided by Google, powering many map-based services.2005Use Case n. 290Use Case n. 317Use Case n. 669Use Case n. 923Multiple city and local data sourcesDepartment of CommerceMultiple government open data sourcesDepartment of CommerceGeneralNational Weather ServiceGeneralNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingGeospatial/MappingCalifornia, United States
Google Public Data ExplorerGoogle Labs' Public Data Explorer makes large datasets easy to explore, visualize and communicate.2009Use Case n. 860Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralData/TechnologyMountain View, California, United States
GoviniGovini transforms big data generated by numerous federal, state, and municipal agencies into tools. analytics and benchmarks that executives need to make informed business decisions.2011Use Case n. 943Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralGovernanceSan Francisco, California, United States
GovTribeGovTribe makes products to help people who are interested in the world of government contracting.2012Use Case n. 834Use Case n. 833Multiple government open data sourcesMultiple government open data sourcesGeneralGeneralGovernanceGovernanceSpendingFederal Business OpportunitiesArlington, Virginia, United States
Govzilla, Inc.http://FDAzilla ( provides business intelligence to professionals who work smarter with the FDA.2011Use Case n. 552Department of Health and Human ServicesFood and Drug AdministrationGovernanceFDAYorkville, Illinois, United States
gRadiant Research LLCgRadiant Research LLC is in the business of developing thermal therapy as a replacement for traditional excisional surgery.2008Use Case n. 577Use Case n. 580Use Case n. 578Use Case n. 579Department of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesCenters for Disease Control and PreventionCenters for Disease Control and PreventionCenters for Disease Control and PreventionCenters for Disease Control and PreventionResearch & ConsultingResearch & ConsultingResearch & ConsultingResearch & ConsultingNational Ambulatory Medical Care SurveyNational Health Information SurveyNational Survey of Ambulatory SurgeryNational Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care SurveyConcord, Massachusetts, United States
Graebel Van LinesGraebel is a large, independently owned and operated, fully integrated corporate relocation company.1950Use Case n. 341Department of CommerceU.S. Census BureauTransportationZip CodesAurora, Colorado, United States
Graematter, Inc.Graematter created SOFIE, a web-based, proprietary information analytics system that consolidates information from dozens of regulatory data sources into a system with unique search capabilities.2000Use Case n. 203Use Case n. 234Use Case n. 540Department of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of JusticeDepartment of CommerceNational Institutes of HealthGeneralBureau of Industry and SecurityData/TechnologyData/TechnologyData/TechnologySt. Louis, Missouri, United States
GranicusGranicus provides cloud-based technologies for government transparency, legislative efficiency, and citizen engagement.1999Use Case n. 804Multiple government open data sourcesGeneralGovernanceSan Francisco, California, United States
GreatSchoolsGreatSchools is the leading independent source of pre K-12 school performance information, with profiles of 200,000 public, public charter, and private schools.1998Use Case n. 148Use Case n. 448California StateDepartment of EducationDepartment of EducationNational Center for Education StatisticsEducationEducation2013 STAR Test ResultsCommon Core of Data (CCD)San Francisco, California, United States
GuideStarGuideStar's mission is to revolutionize philanthropy by providing information that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving.1994Use Case n. 691Department of the TreasuryInternal Revenue ServiceGovernanceWashington DC, District of Columbia, United States
H3 BiomedicineH3 Biomedicine is an oncology drug discovery company.2010Use Case n. 548Department of Health and Human ServicesNational Institutes of HealthScientific ResearchCambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Harris CorporationHarris is an international communications and information technology company serving government and commercial markets in more than 125 countries.1895Use Case n. 298Department of CommerceNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationEnvironment & WeatherMelbourne, Florida, United States
HDScores, IncHDScores makes restaurant inspection data consumable for our clients in an easy to read, search and understand format.2012Use Case n. 682Use Case n. 749Use Case n. 747District of ColumbiaMaryland StateVirginia StateGeneralGeneralGeneralLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerLifestyle & ConsumerHealth DepartmentMontgomery County Health DepartmentHealth DepartmentBaltimore, Maryland, United States
HealthgradesHealthgrades is a leading online resource for comprehensive information about physicians and hospitals.1998Use Case n. 493Use Case n. 492Department of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesCenters for Medicare and Medicaid ServicesCenters for Medicare and Medicaid ServicesHealthcareHealthcareCenters for Medicare & Medicaid ServicesMEDPARALL Payer Hospital DatasetDenver, Colorado, United States
HealthlineHealthline offers readers and visitors to its site objective, trustworthy, and accurate health information, guided by the principles of responsible journalism and publishing.2005Use Case n. 527Department of Health and Human ServicesNational Institutes of HealthHealthcareUnified Medical Language SystemSan Francisco, California, United States
HealthMapHealthMap brings together disparate data sources to achieve a unified view of the current state of infectious diseases and their effect on health.2006Use Case n. 96Use Case n. 583Department of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of DefenseCenters for Disease Control and PreventionGeneralHealthcareHealthcareBoston, Massachusetts, United States
HealthPocket, Inc.HealthPocket is a free customer advocacy website that allows consumers to compare and rank health plans in their area.2012Use Case n. 468Use Case n. 491Department of Health and Human ServicesDepartment of Health and Human ServicesGeneralCenters for Medicare and Medicaid ServicesHealthcareHealthcareHealthCare Finder APIPrescription Drug Plan FormularyPharmacy NetworkPricing Information FilesSunnyvale, California, United States
HelloWalletHelloWallet improves the performance of organizations by providing independent guidance that aligns corporate spending with human capital needs.2009Use Case n. 1012Use Case n. 736Use Case n. 330Federal Reserve BoardDepartment of LaborDepartment of CommerceGeneralBureau of Labor StatisticsU.S. Census BureauFinance & InvestmentFinance & InvestmentFinance & InvestmentConsumer FinancesConsumer Expenditure Survey