UsagesUse Case n. 1033
TaglineCloudspyre is a software development company and creator of Gender Gap, an award-winning app developed with Department of Labor data on gender inequality in compensation.
Mapping LocationBristow, Virginia, United States
Zip Code20152
CEOStephen Jernigan
Year Founded2010
Comapny TypePrivate
Market CategoriesLifestyle & Consumer
Revenue SourceConsulting
Revenue SourceApp Sales
DescriptionCloudspyre LLC is a boutique custom software development company, specializing in developing mobile, cloud, and web-based software solutions. We build iOS, Android, and BlackBerry Apps to help people learn about the world around them. Cloudspyre also partners with other companies to do the programming side of their creative projects. Cloudspyre has expertise developing websites on a large variety of application platforms. Our favorite is building Ruby on Rails websites with custom backends. All the websites for Cloudspyre's apps are built on Ruby on Rails.