UsagesUse Case n. 480
TaglineKyruus provides Patient Access & Referral Management solutions enabling hospital systems to match patient demand to provider supply, engender patient retention, and maximize staff productivity.
Mapping LocationBoston, Massachusetts, United States
Zip Code2110
Year Founded2010
Comapny TypePrivate
Market CategoriesHealthcare
Revenue SourceNot Reported By Company
DescriptionKyruus takes a Big Data approach to addressing the need for better matching and management of providers across the healthcare system. Matching the right physician to the right research project, drug development initiative, clinical trial, or patient has been a data-poor exercise to date. We work with organizations and physicians to help solve these problems by leveraging the deluge of healthcare data that exists (ranging from the tens of thousands of public domain sources, to the siloed data repositories within healthcare organizations, to self-reported data from physicians themselves) to understand the distribution of value and risk across those networks through archetyping, benchmarking, and predictive analytics. Our data-driven technology platform and products create information feedback loops that engage healthcare providers and administrators in targeted assessments of need and opportunity, as well as actionable workflow tools to drive optimization of performance and behavior.