TaglineMarkLogic offers a new generation database technology capable of handling any data, at any volume, in any structure.
CitySan Mateo
Mapping LocationSan Mateo, California, United States
Zip Code94070
Year Founded2001
Comapny TypePrivate
Market CategoriesData/Technology
Revenue SourceNot Reported By Company
DescriptionMarkLogic is a database for unstructured information, a platform for Big Data applications designed to drive revenue, streamline operations, and manage risk. It fuses together database internals, search-style indexing, and application server behaviors into a unified system. It uses XML documents as its data model, and stores the documents within a transactional repository. It indexes the words and values from each of the loaded documents, as well as the document structure. MarkLogic's Enterprise NoSQL Database is a new generation database technology capable of handling large volumes of data in any structure. It enables organizations to turn all data into valuable and actionable information. Key features include ACID transactions, horizontal scaling, real-time indexing, high availability, disaster recovery, government-grade security, and more.