The DocGraph Journal

UsagesUse Case n. 497
TaglineDocGraph is a data set comprised of fifty million connections that shows how healthcare providers team to provide care.
Mapping LocationHouston, Texas, United States
Zip Code77004
Year Founded2013
Full Time Employees3
Comapny TypePrivate
Market CategoriesHealthcare
Revenue SourceDatabase Licensing
DescriptionThe DocGraph Journal is an Open Source healthcare data journal. We take public data sets and merge them with data that we obtain through FOIA requests, or crowdsource. We target "uncomfortable" data that enables us to create true accountability and transparency in healthcare.
Financial InformationSo far, we have raised almost $60k in the crowd-funding of new data sets. We have released the most accurate map of the healthcare system in existence with 50 million data points. We are now releasing another 30 million on prescribing patterns.